Modern Masculinity

‘A session to allow participants to understand who we are, what we do and how they can get involved.’

‘A chance to explore the vision of the future of masculinity, alongside where participants feel we are at in the current day and what we can do to get there.’

‘Discussion of various factors contributing to a person’s identity, alongside the effects this may have on exposing toxic masculinity greater.’

‘Why am I having thoughts of self-doubt? We examine the damning effects criticising oneself may have on mental health and wellbeing .’

‘Looking at the bigger picture of human existence. Why we are all here on this planet and recognising our own individual mission, however big or small.’

‘We delve deep into a variety of practices around mindful wellbeing, in coordination with progressive ideas around the way we think about mental health.’

‘There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. We aim to equip you with techniques for positive thinking, no matter the situation.’

‘A chance to reflect on the progress and exploration made throughout attendance and participation in previous sessions. Not suitable as a standalone session.’

'Building Modern Men for a Better Future'

A purpose driven, service-based company that aims to promote wellbeing and personal development in the male community

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