“Our aim at Milk for Tea is to help men live in the fullness of their potential. Through Workshops, Coaching and Community work we support and encourage men to find their truest identity, recognise their value and live out their purpose. ”
Currently suicide is the leading cause of death for men under 45 in the U.K. In 2015, 75% of all UK suicides were male. This equivalates to 4,681 male suicides.* At Milk for Tea we believe this is an epidemic. We are committed to serving our fellow man by helping to save the men of our country and globally alike.
‘Our mission is not just to keep men alive but to help them thrive.’

We recognise that many people including women, LGBTQ+ and others are affected by issues within the male community. We believe this derives from a damaged view of how men view themselves and the world around them. We’re also passionate about supporting those outside the male community. Our aim is to get to the root cause of society’s issues; working on those which we believe men have a hand in. If we can help men have a better relationship with themselves and their fellow man, we’re convinced it will unequivocally have a positive impact on everyone.



We think it’s important to make the subject matter relatable to everyday lives. We cultivate and curate services aimed at various communities to promote the company’s mission, committed to serving the need.


People are at the heart of MFT. We believe that being part of a progressive community facilitates an environment of growth, development and unity. The bond that forms between us as people helps us come alive, forming deeper connections with ourselves and others, making anything possible.


Being honest and open with who we really are helps transform our doubts and insecurities into powerful tools that help equip us to make a positive impact in our lives and the lives of those around us. Doing this with integrity is something we deeply value at MFT.


The perception of ourselves and the world around us greatly influences the decisions we make. We encourage people to be intentional about their self-progression and the awareness of internal and external issues, promoting a positive outlook to induce positive change.


We want to see men living in their most authentic state of self, without the constraints that society frequently conditions us to accept. By living free we become more of who we are and begin breathing encouragement into others to do the same.


We believe in doing what is right, not what is popular. Following a social norm is not what we do. We created MFT to make a change and inspire others to stand firm in the truth of who we are and why we exist.

Daniel Edmund (left) has a background in Communications and Public Speaking. Born in Bristol, UK and raised in DC he is passionate about serving the male community to better the world.

Jack Norman (right) has a Legal and Retail professional background. After overcoming adversity and failure in his personal and professional life, he is ready to stand alongside men to do the work.

'Building Modern Men for a Better Future'

A purpose driven, service-based company that aims to promote wellbeing and personal development in the male community

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