‘It has always been important for us at MFT to share how we feel to our audience. We have curated various different content mediums to enable us to fully express ourselves as a company. From time to time, there may also be content from friends of ours that speak the same language as us.’


This is Milk For Tea

Daniel said to me recently ‘Too many people are focused on the destination over enjoying the journey’. It’s a powerful statement, and should really be acknowledged. We are now at this point, after 20 months of hard-work, determination and persistence for the...

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BBC Radio Bristol Interview

The MFT team were interviewed by John Darvell on BBC Radio Bristol. Topics covered were ‘Masculinity’, ‘Identity’ and ‘What Milk for Tea’ is.

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Be A Leader Not A Follower

For years, I have battled with a demon that made me think I wasn’t good enough. I used to want to be other people; whether it be a celebrity such as David Beckham or your average Joe walking down the street in a fresh pair of kicks. This demon used to tell me I wasn’t...

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Man On The Rise Thom Evans

MAN ON THE RISE : THOM EVANS Its a typical grey and overcast afternoon in London when I first meet Thom Evans. We’re in a chic and quirky parlour room at Flemings Mayfair Hotel and all plans are running smoothly. Thom has been a busy man lately. The rugby...

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The Power of Pain

The older we get the more important learning how to deal with adversity becomes. Especially in this time when so many of us are pursuing what we love to do, it seems important that we understand and learn how to cope with the challenges that come with...

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