Daniel said to me recently ‘Too many people are focused on the destination over enjoying the journey’. It’s a powerful statement, and should really be acknowledged.

We are now at this point, after 20 months of hard-work, determination and persistence for the re-launch. Milk for Tea now takes a very different form in appearance and in the services offered. Daniel’s statement above resonates deeply with the time we have spent redefining what we want MFT to be. We haven’t rushed anything. Dr Stephen Simpson, our success coach said to us ‘everything that happens is down to synchronicity and luck’. It’s true, we have had our fair share of luck; however, the creative flow has occurred naturally and in the right time and space, with a lot of man hours being put into it. Both of us have grown as individuals and business partners; with a direct impact on the Company’s growth and identity.

The mission is still the same: ‘To combat male suicide – the leading cause of death in men under the age of 45 in the UK’. It is a statistic that we are truly saddened by. Through the workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions and community work we have cultivated, we truly believe that the promotion of men’s well-being and personal development will be at the forefront of society’s agenda very soon. Our first Workshop Series, Modern Masculinity launches in June both in Bristol and London. This eight workshop series will take participants on a journey to help redefine the way we view men’s worth, purpose and value, to enable the male community to thrive in all aspects of life.

Support is one of those things that money cannot buy. We are privileged and extremely grateful for the love and support that has been shown to us, both individually and as a Company throughout this journey. To be around people that not only help you to grow, but that also want to see you succeed is truly important in stimulating the culture in any business. The mission is not a small one. We understand that we cannot do it on our own. Thank you to those who are already part of our growing community and we are hugely excited to see this growth continue.

Iron sharpens iron!

This is Milk For Tea

'Building Modern Men for a Better Future'

A purpose driven, service-based company that aims to promote wellbeing and personal development in the male community

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