Building Modern Men for a Better Future



Bradley Martinez-Hare
Coached by Milk for Tea in 2018

“I reached a point in my life where I wanted to end it...from the moment I met Jack and Daniel I felt comfortable in myself to be able to talk about anything and knew that they wouldn't judge me...I owe them my life.”


What our clients say


Hazel Kidd
Internal Communications & Engagement Officer

“Daniel hosted a fantastic thought provoking session on self-worth. In just a very short time, I became emotionally invested in the conversations and went away with renewed determination to make positive changes in my life.”

"I was blown away by Daniel's openness and honesty during the Milk for Tea workshop that took place as part of Mental Health Awareness week. It was eye opening to listen to someone who's been through so much and yet is now so comfortable to share his story and inspire others on the importance of self-worth and valuing yourself."


Alex Goodanew
Engagement Exec at OVO Energy

“Milk for Tea offer a unique and modern approach to addressing the problem of mental health in men and gender identity not just in the workplace but in wider society too. 

Their enthusiastic and passionate yet humble and honest personalities lend themselves to delivering these types of workshops. They inspired and motivated a real engagement from their audience (the likes we've not seen before) who fed off their energy and felt safe and comfortable in the space Daniel and Jack had created. This is a prevalent issue that at present hasn't had the exposure it needs to even put it on many peoples radar. Milk for tea really helps you to look at the bigger picture from a different angle. Personally, Daniel's story and inspiration is something I (and what became clear was many others) could relate to heavily and it was the first time I'd ever had anyone stand up in front of me and speak honestly and openly about these experiences and feelings that were so close to home. 

It was great to see how much of a varied audience we had in both gender and age (considering the workshop was called Modern Masculinity) and shows the appetite for learning and understanding of this topic. They focus on issues that affect all of us at both a macro and micro level and this is why I feel their workshops will offer genuine value to any audience. They are knocking on the door of an issue that has been overlooked for too long and the positive energy that motivates them can only bring about positive change.”

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Maya Kalaria
Engagement Worker at OTR

"Our team at OTR were really impressed with Milk for Tea's Modern Masculinity workshops at our Hubs. Their passion and commitment towards providing support for men from all ages and walks of life was truly inspiring. It was very clear that Daniel and Jack are incredibly driven individuals who not only feel strongly about helping men understand the issues they are experiencing, but how we can all work collectively to heal them. Thank you both!”


Suzanne Wharton
Head of Co-working at TOG

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jack and Daniel at the beginning of last year, just before Milk for Tea had officially launched. Their company had been given use of the Co-Working space I was managing as part of an accelerator for start-ups. What instantly stood them apart from the other companies involved was their clear vision and passion behind what they were building. I’ve never met two young people so dedicated and driven to help others, you feel it when they speak at their events, it’s captivating and inspiring. Yet these are two of the most down to earth and humble men I know. They have a magical way of communicating with anyone; of breaking down barriers and making such difficult conversations feel easy. I have been so impressed watching them build Milk for Tea, and feel truly honoured to have watched their journey so far, and can’t wait to see what’s next. I’m mostly honoured that I can now call both of these men, my friends.”


Zoe Swan
Undergraduate Law Programme Leader, Barrister, Senior Law Lecturer, Health & Wellness Coach

“Jack has been supporting law students at the University of Brighton since November 2018. He is an inspirational, deeply honest and authentic speaker that shares and supports from the heart. Jack is accessible and approachable and 100% understands the mindset and challenges faced by young men in our world today and in particular the challenges faced by our law students. Jack was a guest speaker at the Student Law Societies Annual Law Ball and assisted in facilitating an experiential workshop called Planning Your Next Chapter as a guest speaker and panel member for final year law students. “


Sam Glyn-Jones
Residential Life Supervisor

“Working at the University for two years on the front line of student services, I have witnessed first-hand the well-being crisis students are going through and the initiatives that are being used to tackle these issues – many just tick boxes but do not have a true impact. I was recommended Milk for Tea due to Daniel and Jacks ability to truly involve students, get them talking around topical issues and opening up, and they went over and above and provided just that and more. We booked Milk for Tea workshops on identity and on masculinity, two empowering sessions that were dynamic and instigated conversations that would never have usually happened, important conversations that are needed. These conversations need to be led by experienced and knowledgeable people who can guide them in the right direction and have participants leaving feeling empowered, a difficult task in which Daniel and Jack were able to do. I highly recommend them and will be booking them again.”


Sonsoles Alfonso-Miguel
Industry Liaison

“We loved welcoming Milk for Tea at the Fashion Retail Academy. Jack talked us through his career journey with fun, passion and honesty. He engaged with the students since the very first moment and he showed us how far you can get in the industry when you are focused and care about what you do. Getting to know Milk for Tea from the inside, it’s purposes, challenges and achievements was very important for us as an institution and we hope we can have them back at the Fashion Retail Academy to share their knowledge and key points about mental health with our students.”


Peter Allen
Community Lead

"We've enjoyed bringing Milk For Tea into our building in order that they connect with our engaged membership, who are always happy to talk through the pitfalls of a gendered society and why we're better when we come together with purpose and understanding. Milk for Tea share that ethos with us, are professional and great to work with, which is why we're always happy to welcome them into our space."


Mark Bixter
Coach and Trainer

“I worked with Milk for Tea Co-founders Jack Norman and Daniel Edmund through my work as a coach trainer for the MOE Foundation. I have found both Jack and Daniel to be inspirational innovators who are delivering vital work in a challenging climate. Together they work with integrity, tenacity and a great sense of authenticity and belief in their work. They both proved themselves to be effective coaches working sensitively and listening acutely to the needs of their clients. I wholeheartedly endorse Milk for Tea and its mission and look forward to seeing it flourish, as I am confident it will under Jack and Daniel's determined leadership.”