Modern Masculinity

Modern Masculinity is our eight session core workshop created to develop participants in key areas of their lives. Each module has been strategically designed based on research, coaching practices and values-led learning styles. The full workshop can be delivered as a set or individually as stand alone sessions.



An introduction to Milk for Tea, our mission and an intimate look into the journey of our two Co-founders Jack and Daniel.

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In this workshop we will explore the state of masculinity, the positives and challenges that the male community face, as well as our options for positively developing modern men in our everyday lives.

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How do we find our truest identity? And how can we ensure that who we believe we are edifies our most authentic selves? In this workshop we will look at the different components that create our sense of self and how we can take steps towards ensuring the person we present ourselves to be and who we really are, become and remain the same.

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Self- hate, insecurities, accepting less than we deserve, are just a few of the results of a warped perception of our self-worth. This workshop is created to help uncover our value and to support us in living a life worthy of our best.

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“Why do I exist?” Is a question that’s been asked since the very beginning. In this workshop we will take a look at the core areas of our lives and how they are personalised to us as individuals and our sense of purpose.

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We take a look at a variety of different tools and habits that can help us live a more conscious, intentional and self-aware life.

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Hope is the foundation on which we build our reality upon. We take a look at how we can simultaneously expect positive outcomes while navigating through disappointment.



A chance to reflect on the progress and exploration made throughout attendance and participation in previous sessions.
Not suitable as a standalone session.


Pricing available on request