Building Modern Men for a Better Future

 Our Journal


We joined Lululemon at their Sweatlife Festival for 2019 at Tobacco Docks, London where we had our very own Brand Corner.


Filmed at The House of Dreaming in Amman, our Co-founders share their reflections of their trip to Jordan.

A short video showing the places Jack & Daniel travelled to whilst visiting the country of Jordan.


We collaborated with Art Curator, Makesa Kaizen to host a guided discussion around well-being and art.

A short film about us. Filmed in February, 2018.

Our Co-founders chat to John Darvell from BBC Radio Bristol about the MFT mission.

After 20 months of journeying to find our identity, in May 2018 we finally launched.

In late 2018, we worked with co-working powerhouse WeWork to progress corporate masculinity.

Shot by the talented Rob French, this short film documents the making of ‘This is Milk for Tea’.